13-year-old female with only one small-sized right kidney

Presenting Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Undergoing hemodialysis, three times per week, since March 2018

Referring Doctor:

Dr. Michael M, East Africa

Clinical Condition:

CKD on a unique atrophic right kidney with an unseen left kidney on ultrasound. Started hemodialysis in 2018 with Creatinine 655 mmol/L and Urea 37.9 mmol/L.

Response to Chaperonze Treatment:

Chaperonze first dose on March 1, 2019

Clinical improvements in general body condition:

  • Increased strength and immunity
  • Increased energy level
  • Improved intellectual ability (including improved results in school)
  • Improved kidney function

After the first dose of Chaperonze, her clinical results were good. Her Urea and Creatinine levels were stable and she was able to remain without hemodialysis for three months (versus three times per week for the past year).

March 2019 Test Results

BUN: 12 mmol/L

CREATININE: 368.9 mmol/L

UREA: ultrasound: right kidney measures 8.2 x 3.0 cm with decreased cortical medullary differentiation. Left kidney unseen.

June 2019 Test Results (after 3 months without hemodialysis)

BUN: 21 mmol/L

CREATININE: 450 mmol/L

UREA: ultrasound: bilateral echogenic small kidneys showing increased cortical reflectivity, cortical medullary distinction, right kidney measures 5.74 x 3.13 cm and left kidney measures 4.85 x 2.54 cm.

Interpretation of Results:

Clinical state remains stable in spite of NO dialysis treatment.

Blood results indicate kidney able to filter blood of Urea (BUN) and Creatinine without dialysis.

Ultrasonic evaluation indicates that the kidneys are stable and most probably an increase in functional tissue.