Chaperonze Treatment

Our scientists have developed a unique methodology for the safe and effective administration of Chaperone Proteins.

We use Emu Oil to create a specialized Protein Transfer Oil that has the ability to easily carry Chaperone Proteins across the skin barrier and into the bloodstream. We then admix freeze-dried, stable Chaperonze Powder, extracted from Ovine Placenta, with the oil.

The Chaperonze mixture is applied to the wrist area. From there, the Chaperone Proteins find their way to damaged and injured cells that are in need of repair. Cells actually use a remarkable system of “tropism” to signal the Chaperone Proteins and guide them towards themselves. Once Chaperonze enters the cells, it enacts repair, rejuvenation, and regeneration.

The recommended treatment course is once a week for four weeks and this course should be repeated every three months. Due to the long-lasting effects of the Chaperonze treatment, the three-month intervals will allow the cells time to repair, regenerate, and reorganize.

  • Chaperonze are to be administered topically using the protein transfer oil provided.
  • Open both the blue (powder) and red (oil) vials. Please make sure the red vial is at room temperature
  • Pour oil into powder and mix thoroughly, using inversion. Please make sure to put the vial cap on before inverting.
  • Lightly spread Chaperonze mixture on both wrists and allow it to be absorbed through the skin for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, the residue can be washed off with water.


*This product satisfies FDA rules and is considered FDA Compliant

Chaperonze is an all-natural product from New Zealand. The product is made with the New Zealand Government, at a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility, in accordance with USDA, EU and HALAL rules.

Chaperonze is made under Licence by Pacific BioScience Ltd, Kumeu, New Zealand

As a natural Cosmetic (Cosmaceutical) it is in compliance with the US FDA, as outlined in the “Blue book”: Click Here